Goofing Off


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TeamCSR Just Goofing Off:


I'll do the wasabi for 10 bucks!


Oooo...what the hell was I thinking?


Goofing off...

Claim Jumper

Fast, friendly, and quick with the Z's...

Claim Jumper

Blurry because of the high speed drink mixing...

Claim Jumper

Wendy and friend - not normally on this side of the bar, but friendly none-the-less!

More Claim Jumper folks...

Ashlee and Janelle - leave 'em good tips!


Can't we all just get along? :'(


Been here as long as we have...since the place opened!

Leigh and friend

Pronounced "LAY" sez I - arrrr!!


Awesome and puts up with us like a pro!

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